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The Elizabeth Donald Collection!


Included in this collection are:


Setting Suns, her breakout short-story collection that won a Darrell Award.

Nocturne, the omnibus trade release of her first two vampire ebooks, which also won a Darrell Award. This title is out of print and supplies are extremely limited! Unfortunately we are out of stock of the sequel, Abaddon, but we can direct you to a few independent booksellers who may still have copies. 

Dreadmire, the newly reimagined fantasy adventure of four people on a quest to find a missing woman in a deadly haunted swamp.

The Cold Ones, a novella about a paramilitary group trying to stop a zombie outbreak after years of stopping otherworldly creatures from causing disaster and death. This title is out of print!

Blackfire, the sequel to The Cold Ones, continuing Major Sara Harvey's fight to stop the zombie outbreak while investigating a murder that may not be of this world. This title is out of print!

• Bonus! You will also receive the limited-edition novellas Infinity and Gethsemane while supplies last! Once these run out, you will receive them by ebook. 


All this for only $50!! Buy now while supplies last!

Books that go chomp in the night

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